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Who are we?

LokalFlip is one of the most effective Loyalty Rewards Program exclusive for Local Business. Stop spending Thousands of dollars on monthly advertising and marketing programs that never works. Boost your Business Presence and Increase your In-store traffic with LokalFlip Loyalty Rewards Program. All our programs are all-inclusive (SEO – Search Engine Optimization, SMM – Social Media Marketing, Blogging, and Loyalty Rewards Program)

What we believe?

We believe Local Canadian Business are the lifeline of our Economy. Supporting local business helps Stabilize Jobs, Improve Economy, and Promotes Diversity besides its Unique Quality Experience. We are always looking ways to Educate & Encourage Consumers to Buy & Support Local Business.

How we achieve?

We are highly successful due to our extensive market & research analysis and reaching out to locals and visitors across provinces so that you get maximum In-Store traffic. Our demographics include Locals, Students both local and International Students, Visitors, and New-Comers to Canada to name few. We run various educational and marketing campaigns to encourage people to Buy Local & Support Local Business. We have annual Local Choice Award that recognizes best Local Business in town.  

How program works?

Once you Sign-Up for LokalFlip – Loyalty Rewards Program (Use Form Below) , our monthly Subscribers, LokalFlip Loyalty Card Holders and Social Media followers gets notified of your Business and Discount Offerings. Customer visit your store and gets discount on presenting a valid LokalFlip Loyalty Rewards Card. You Enjoy Higher In-Store Traffic, whereas Customer Spending goes up due to its savings. [/pt_block_icons]

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